Samsung Galaxy S5 i9600 Battery Pack Case

Samsung Galaxy S5 i9600 Battery Pack Case


  • $36.76 USD

Production Description:
This battery case has a unique design with perfect dimension that makes it among the best in the market. You need to know that it is very lightweight and convenient to carry whenever you go. It is very easy to install and remove off the battery. This means that you will always get a protective case which will make your phone very powerful.
This often works as both an extended battery and a protection case. This means that you will always redefine the looks of your phone to a new level whenever you want it.
This makes it also very cheap whenever you are buying it better than many other options that people often buy in the market. The battery case uses USB output that will definitely make your life much easier whenever you use it. It has a 4 LED that indicates its power status using an LED flashlight. You should never forget that it is suitable when charging your Samsung Galaxy S5. You will always save time when using it.

Product Specifications:
- New external backup battery for Galaxy S5
- Extends the battery life of your phone for hours, great choice for business and outdoor activities
- Features a built-in stand, offers a comfortable angle for movies watching, game-playing, web-surfing
- Stylish LED indicators help you easily gauge what your current power level is
- Lithium polymer capacity: 4200mAh
- Input: 5V 500 mA~1A
- Output: 5V 1A

Compatible with:
Samsung Galaxy S5
Package Includes:
1 x 4200mAh Backup Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S5
1 x User Manual