Nexxt Solutions Nexxt - CCTV camera - 720p Bullet VF

Nexxt Solutions Nexxt - CCTV camera - 720p Bullet VF

Nexxt Solutions

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Product Description


Professional Series

High-resolution surveillance varifocal bullet camera

Nexxt Security introduces their new line of High-Definition Transport Video Interface cameras, an economical and easy solution to upgrade existing systems to HD rather than adopting IP cameras. HD-TVI cameras process a signal conversion which helps expand the overall transmission distance, lowers total upfront cost, and reduces the total video storage space required for captured videos and images. This new technology can achieve HD video transmission across coaxial cables at a distance of up to 1500ft with no quality loss or delay. The NSC-B1280ACO-VF is a high-definition 720p bullet varifocal camera. Equipped with a 2.8-12mm manual lens this camera has up to 4x adjustable zoom and focus mounted on a professional grade housing to prevent corrosion, including a sunshield for outdoor use. The all-metal housing is IP66 rated for true all weather outdoor applications. The camera comes equipped with a 1/3-inch CMOS image sensor along with back light compensation and day/night auto switch function in order to clearly view areas of interest with minimum glare and any light condition. A set of 42 IR LEDs provide up to 40m of night vision with IR cut filters for poorly illuminated areas.



Nexxt Solutions
Product Line
Video Input
Camera Type
CCTV camera

1/3" CMOS

Equipped with a CMOS image sensor for high quality images

720p resolution

The camera can achieve an HD resolution of 1280 x 720

TVI technology

Allows users to send uncompressed, high-definition video over coaxial cable

2.8-12mm lens

Easily adjust the focal length of the lens for varying magnification

Day and night auto switch

Delivers color images during the day and switches to night mode tomake use of infrared light to deliver high quality black and white images

4x zoom

Allows for the image to be magnified and seen up to four times closer

Smart IR

Helps adjust the intensity of the camera's infrared LEDs to compensate for the distance and overexposure

DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)

Filters the amount of unwanted noise during image reproduction

BLC (Back Light Compensation)

Adjusts the exposure of the entire image to properly expose the subjects in the foreground

AGC (Automatic Gain Control)

Adjusts the gain of an image if the scene is too dim or too bright

Infrared cutfilter removal

Allows for greater light sensitivity in monochrome mode

Outdoor use

Offers the highest protection against particles and against water

Night Vision

Allows for surveillance at night and for low lit conditions

Sun-shielded housing

Camera comes with a professional grade adjustable sun-shielded body

Low light sensing

Reproduces more life-like colors in low-lit conditions