LCD Wireless Auto Dialer Home House Security System Burglar Alarm Call

LCD Wireless Auto Dialer Home House Security System Burglar Alarm Call


  • $225.33 USD

Product Description
Function introduction:
    Apply advanced mobile communication technology,support SMS and dialing alarm.
    8 wired defense zones and 99 wireless defense zones.
    At most 5 wireless remote control codes.
    LCD display.Built-in clock .Operate easily.
    Sound prompt for all operations.
    SMS prompt for all operations.
    SMS prompt when AC power lost or recovered.
    Built-in intercom horn,walkie talkie can be realized.
    Built-in wireless transmitting module,could be coding with wireless siren and smart home appliance.(optional)
    1 group of timely Arm and Disarm timiing function.
    Can store 6 group of phone numbers:when alarming,system will make alarm call to these numbers automatically.
    Can store 2 groups of SMS numbers:when alarming,system will send alarming SMS automatically.
    10-second recording.
    Built-in artificial intelligent digital voice announcer.
    Built-in SMS message,could be send alarm message aoutomatically when alarm.
    Users can make calls by using keypad on alarm panel,just like a telephone.
    One-key-control function:Out Arm,Home Arm,Remote Arm.
    Real-time,delay ,24 hours,bypass defense zones programming function.
    Wireless coding:easy to add additional wireless accessories.
    Remote control arm,disarm,monitor,and intercom by phone.
    Event log query:host automatically records 40 pieces of all information concerning arm,disarm and alarm events.
    Multi-type of arm:remote control arm,out arm,home arm,timed arm,arm by phone.
    Built-in lithium rechargeable battery:make alarm when power off.

Technical parameters:
Input current    DC12V/1A
Static consumption    <55mA
Alarm current    <450mA
Wireless frequency    433MHz
Encoded mode     2262/4.7MΩ
GSM    850/900/1800/1900MHz
Backup battery     Lithium rechargeable battery DC7.4V
Siren volume    110dB
    1 x Fixed Telephone Alarm Host

    1 x Wired Small Siren

    1 x Wireless Door/Window Contact

    1 x Wireless Wide-Angle Anti-Tamper PIR Motion Sensor

    2 x Wireless Remote Control Fob

    1 x Security Sign Internal Sticker

    1 x Power Adaptor for Wireless GSM Alarm Control Host

    1 x User Manual